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What is the #mysmallchange campaign all about?

Road crashes are the leading cause of death amongst 16-25 year olds in the UK. But the reality is that most serious injuries and deaths could have been avoided for want of a small change like wearing a seatbelt, slowing down a bit, not answering that text message or looking twice at a junction for cyclists.

The #mysmallchange campaign is asking all road users – drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists – to pledge a small change that will help make the roads a safer place for everyone. Your pledge will inspire others to think about their behaviour; one less distracted driver, one more passenger wearing their seatbelt, one less uninsured driver… these small changes will make a big difference.

If you’re a young driver from Essex, pledging will automatically enter you into a prize draw to win a Vauxhall Corsa. Full terms and conditions available here.

Animal heads on human bodies… why?

The #mysmallchange campaign is being run in conjunction with The Honest Truth road safety charity. Animal heads are used to highlight traits within drivers and passengers that might not always be visible to them or others, but which increase their risk of being involved in a crash on the roads. For example, the cheetah represents speeding drivers.

More young females are killed as passengers than drivers in the UK; mainly by young men showing-off. By likening show-off drivers with the peacock it dehumanises their behaviour, making it look foolish and far less socially acceptable. Making a pledge to always tell show-off drivers to “cut it out” will inspire others to speak out when faced with a similar situation.

Check out the Honest Truth's website to find out more